A journey through the insular cortex: selective vulnerability and (dys)connectivity in Parkinson’s

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The insula is a heterogeneous region hidden deep within the sylvian fissure and is widely connected to the brain. It is thought to function as an integration center modulating somatosensory, gustatory, auditory, and autonomic functions. To gain insight into the selective vulnerability of the insular cortex in Lewy body diseases, we aimed to assess the distribution pattern of alpha-synuclein pathology and morphological characteristics in PD and DLB in various stages of disease. In this case series, post mortem tissues from the insular cortex of donors with incidental Lewy body disease (iLBD) representing prodromal stage of PD, and DLB were examined for alpha-synuclein immunoreactivity, selective vulnerability of neurons and glial cells within layers, and differences across sub-regions.

Period11 May 2021
Event titleInsula: rediscoverving the hidden lobe of the brain
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