The needs of pregnant women and their significant others regarding professional smoking cessation support

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Workshop Sharing experiences and evidence on smoking cessation interventions during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy has negative health consequences for maternal and children’s health, e.g. an increased chance of an ectopic pregnancy, low birth weight, still birth and childhood asthma. To facilitate smoking cessation during pregnancy, many guidelines for healthcare professionals have been developed to support women to quit smoking. With an estimated prevalence of 8.1%, the European Region has the highest prevalence of smoking during pregnancy compared to other regions in the world. The objective of this workshop is to combine the knowledge around smoking during pregnancy (e.g. pregnant women' experiences with smoking, the development and implementation of guidelines, smoking cessation support). The workshop consists of three presentations about projects focusing on smoking cessation interventions. The first presentation (Stella Weiland) will be about women and significant others their needs for professional smoking cessation support. The second presentation (Cristian Meghea) presents the effectiveness of the Quit Together Trial. The third presentation (David Tappin) will be about incentives for smoking cessation in pregnancy. After these three presentations, a discussion will be held among the participants of the workshop. The discussion will focus on the common elements of the different interventions and the identification of aspects which are perceived to be successful to facilitate smoking cessation of pregnant women. During this discussion, new approaches, experiences in daily practice and best practices can be shared about smoking and smoking cessation of pregnant women. A few statements, formulated by the researchers participating in this workshop, will be provided as input for the discussion

Period13 Oct 2020
Event titleWorld Congress on Public Health
Event typeConference
LocationRome, ItalyShow on map