Additional file 5 of Destination shapes antibiotic resistance gene acquisitions, abundance increases, and diversity changes in Dutch travelers

  • Alaric W. D'Souza (Creator)
  • Manish Boolchandani (Creator)
  • Sanket Patel (Creator)
  • Gianluca Galazzo (Creator)
  • Jarne van Hattem (Creator)
  • Maris S. Arcilla (Creator)
  • Damian C. Melles (Creator)
  • Menno de Jong (Creator)
  • Constance Schultsz (Creator)
  • Gautam Dantas (Creator)
  • John Penders (Creator)
  • Menno de Jong (Creator)
  • Gautam Dantas (Creator)



Additional file 5: Takes in community data matrix and directory with Dirichlet Multinomial model objects and outputs data from the best fit model.
Date made available2021

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