Supplementary Material for: Outcomes and Feasibility of an Occupational Care Programme (TERRA) to Support Work Ability of Rare and Advanced Cancer Patients: A Report of 7 Cases

  • Floortje L. Hosman (Contributor)
  • Sascha C. A. Rozemeijer (Contributor)
  • Amber D. Zegers (Contributor)
  • Annemarie Becker-Commissaris (Contributor)
  • Heinz-Josef Klümpen (Contributor)
  • Maurice J. D. L. van der Vorst (Contributor)
  • Linda Brom (Contributor)
  • Saskia F. A. Duijts (Contributor)



Introduction: Advancements in the field of oncology are allowing patients to live longer, with enhanced quality of life (QoL). Accordingly, more patients with cancer are expressing the desire to return to work (RTW). Previous research has indicated that...
Date made available2023
PublisherKarger Publishers

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