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  • Additional file of Exploring the link between MORF4L1 and risk of breast cancer

    Martrat, G. (Creator), Maxwell, C. A. (Creator), Tominaga, E. (Creator), Porta-de-la-Riva, M. (Creator), Bonifaci, N. (Creator), Gómez-Baldó, L. (Creator), Bogliolo, M. (Creator), Lázaro, C. (Creator), Blanco, I. (Creator), Brunet, J. (Creator), Aguilar, H. (Creator), Fernández-Rodríguez, J. (Creator), Seal, S. (Creator), Renwick, A. (Creator), Rahman, N. (Creator), Kühl, J. (Creator), Neveling, K. (Creator), Schindler, D. (Creator), Ramírez, M. J. (Creator), Castellà, M. (Creator), Hernández, G. (Creator), Easton, D. F. (Creator), Peock, S. (Creator), Cook, M. (Creator), Oliver, C. T. (Creator), Frost, D. (Creator), Platte, R. (Creator), Evans, D. G. (Creator), Lalloo, F. (Creator), Eeles, R. (Creator), Izatt, L. (Creator), Chu, C. (Creator), Davidson, R. (Creator), Ong, K. (Creator), Cook, J. (Creator), Douglas, F. (Creator), Hodgson, S. (Creator), Brewer, C. (Creator), Morrison, P. J. (Creator), Porteous, M. (Creator), Peterlongo, P. (Creator), Manoukian, S. (Creator), Peissel, B. (Creator), Zaffaroni, D. (Creator), Roversi, G. (Creator), Barile, M. (Creator), Viel, A. (Creator), Pasini, B. (Creator), Ottini, L. (Creator), Putignano, A. L. (Creator), Savarese, A. (Creator), Bernard, L. (Creator), Radice, P. (Creator), Healey, S. (Creator), Spurdle, A. (Creator), Chen, X. (Creator), Beesley, J. (Creator), Rookus, M. A. (Creator), Verhoef, S. (Creator), Tilanus-Linthorst, M. A. (Creator), Vreeswijk, M. P. (Creator), Asperen, C. J. (Creator), Bodmer, D. (Creator), Ausems, M. G. E. M. (Creator), van Os, T. A. (Creator), Blok, M. J. (Creator), Meijers-Heijboer, H. (Creator), Hogervorst, F. B. L. (Creator), Goldgar, D. E. (Creator), Buys, S. (Creator), John, E. M. (Creator), Miron, A. (Creator), Southey, M. (Creator), Daly, M. B. (Creator), Harbst, K. (Creator), Borg, Å. (Creator), Rantala, J. (Creator), Barbany-Bustinza, G. (Creator), Ehrencrona, H. (Creator), Stenmark-Askmalm, M. (Creator), Kaufman, B. (Creator), Laitman, Y. (Creator), Milgrom, R. (Creator), Friedman, E. (Creator), Domchek, S. M. (Creator), Nathanson, K. L. (Creator), Rebbeck, T. R. (Creator), Johannsson, O. T. (Creator), Couch, F. J. (Creator), Wang, X. (Creator), Fredericksen, Z. (Creator), Cuadras, D. (Creator), Moreno, V. (Creator), Pientka, F. K. (Creator), Depping, R. (Creator), Caldés, T. (Creator), Osorio, A. (Creator), Benítez, J. (Creator), Bueren, J. (Creator), Heikkinen, T. (Creator), Nevanlinna, H. (Creator), Hamann, U. (Creator), Torres, D. (Creator), Caligo, M. A. (Creator), Godwin, A. K. (Creator), Imyanitov, E. N. (Creator), Janavicius, R. (Creator), Sinilnikova, O. M. (Creator), Stoppa-Lyonnet, D. (Creator), Mazoyer, S. (Creator), Verny-Pierre, C. (Creator), Castera, L. (Creator), De Pauw, A. (Contributor), Bignon, Y. (Creator), Uhrhammer, N. (Creator), Peyrat, J. (Creator), Vennin, P. (Creator), Ferrer, S. F. (Creator), Collonge-Rame, M. (Creator), Mortemousque, I. (Creator), McGuffog, L. (Creator), Chenevix-Trench, G. (Creator), Pereira-Smith, O. M. (Creator), Antoniou, A. C. (Creator), Cerón, J. (Creator), Tominaga, K. (Creator), Surrallés, J. (Creator), Pujana, M. A. (Creator), Maxwell, C. A. (Creator), Blanco, I. (Creator), Easton, D. F. (Creator), Frost, D. (Creator), Eeles, R. (Creator), Douglas, F. (Creator), Hodgson, S. (Creator), Morrison, P. J. (Creator), Peterlongo, P. (Creator), Manoukian, S. (Creator), Zaffaroni, D. (Creator), Barile, M. (Creator), Viel, A. (Creator), Ottini, L. (Creator), Savarese, A. (Creator), Radice, P. (Creator), Spurdle, A. (Creator), Meijers-Heijboer, H. E. (Creator), Goldgar, D. E. (Creator), Buys, S. (Creator), Southey, M. (Creator), Daly, M. B. (Creator), Domchek, S. M. (Creator), Rebbeck, T. R. (Creator), Couch, F. J. (Creator), Moreno, V. (Creator), Nevanlinna, H. (Creator), Caligo, M. A. (Creator), Godwin, A. K. (Creator), Imyanitov, E. N. (Creator), Castera, L. (Creator), Chenevix-Trench, G. (Creator), Antoniou, A. C. (Creator) & Tominaga, K. (Creator), figshare, 2020


  • Additional file 3 of Comprehensive characterization of cell-free tumor DNA in plasma and urine of patients with renal tumors

    Smith, C. G. (Creator), Moser, T. (Creator), Moulière, F. (Creator), Field-Rayner, J. (Creator), Eldridge, M. (Creator), Riediger, A. L. (Creator), Chandrananda, D. (Contributor), Heider, K. (Creator), Wan, J. C. M. (Creator), Warren, A. Y. (Creator), Morris, J. (Creator), Hudecova, I. (Creator), Cooper, W. N. (Creator), Mitchell, T. J. (Creator), Gale, D. (Creator), Ruiz-Valdepenas, A. (Creator), Klatte, T. (Creator), Ursprung, S. (Creator), Sala, E. (Creator), Riddick, A. C. P. (Creator), Aho, T. F. (Contributor), Armitage, J. N. (Creator), Perakis, S. (Creator), Pichler, M. (Creator), Seles, M. (Creator), Wcislo, G. (Creator), Welsh, S. J. (Creator), Matakidou, A. (Creator), Eisen, T. (Creator), Massie, C. E. (Creator), Rosenfeld, N. (Creator), Heitzer, E. (Creator), Stewart, G. D. (Creator), Massie, C. (Creator) & Stewart, G. (Creator), figshare, 2020


  • Additional file 2 of Interferon- and STING-independent induction of type I interferon stimulated genes during fractionated irradiation

    Goedegebuure, R. S. A. (Creator), Kleibeuker, E. A. (Creator), Buffa, F. M. (Creator), Castricum, K. C. M. (Creator), Haider, S. (Creator), Schulkens, I. A. (Creator), ten Kroode, L. (Contributor), van den Berg, J. (Contributor), Jacobs, M. (Creator), van Berkel, A. (Contributor), van Grieken, N. (Contributor), Derks, S. (Creator), Slotman, B. (Creator), Verheul, H. M. W. (Creator), Harris, A. L. (Creator) & Thijssen, V. (Creator), figshare, 2021