Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years

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  • Additional file 2: of A computational framework for complex disease stratification from multiple large-scale datasets

    De Meulder, B. (Creator), Lefaudeux, D. (Creator), Bansal, A. T. (Creator), Mazein, A. (Creator), Chaiboonchoe, A. (Creator), Ahmed, H. (Creator), Balaur, I. (Creator), Saqi, M. (Creator), Pellet, J. (Creator), Ballereau, S. (Creator), Lemonnier, N. (Creator), Sun, K. (Creator), Pandis, I. (Creator), Yang, X. (Creator), Batuwitage, M. (Creator), Kretsos, K. (Creator), van Eyll, J. (Creator), Bedding, A. (Creator), Davison, T. (Creator), Dodson, P. (Creator), Larminie, C. (Creator), Postle, A. (Creator), Corfield, J. (Creator), Djukanovic, R. (Creator), Chung, K. F. (Creator), Adcock, I. M. (Creator), Guo, Y. (Creator), Sterk, P. (Creator), Manta, A. (Creator), Rowe, A. (Creator), Baribaud, F. (Creator), Auffray, C. (Creator), Lefaudeux, D. (Creator), Bansal, A. (Creator), Mazein, A. (Creator), Amphun, C. (Contributor), Eyll, J. V. (Contributor), Djukanovic, R. (Creator) & Yi-Ke, G. (Contributor), Figshare, 2018


  • Additional file 1: of Phenome-wide association analysis of LDL-cholesterol lowering genetic variants in PCSK9

    Schmidt, F. (Creator), Holmes, M. V. (Creator), Preiss, D. (Creator), Swerdlow, D. I. (Creator), Denaxas, S. (Creator), Fatemifar, G. (Creator), Faraway, R. (Creator), Finan, C. (Creator), Valentine, D. (Creator), Fairhurst-Hunter, Z. (Creator), Hartwig, F. P. (Creator), Horta, B. L. (Creator), Hypponen, E. (Creator), Power, C. (Creator), Moldovan, M. (Creator), Van Iperen, E. (Contributor), Hovingh, G. (Creator), Demuth, I. (Creator), Norman, K. (Creator), Steinhagen-Thiessen, E. (Creator), Demuth, J. (Creator), Bertram, L. (Creator), Lill, C. M. (Creator), Coassin, S. (Creator), Willeit, J. (Creator), Kiechl, S. (Creator), Willeit, K. (Creator), Mason, D. (Creator), Wright, J. (Creator), Morris, R. (Creator), Wanamethee, G. (Creator), Whincup, P. (Creator), Ben-Shlomo, Y. (Creator), McLachlan, S. (Creator), Price, J. F. (Creator), Kivimaki, M. (Creator), Welch, C. (Creator), Sanchez-Galvez, A. (Creator), Marques-Vidal, P. (Creator), Nicolaides, A. (Creator), Panayiotou, A. G. (Creator), Onland-Moret, N. C. (Creator), Van Der Schouw, Y. T. (Contributor), Matullo, G. (Creator), Fiorito, G. (Creator), Guarrera, S. (Creator), Sacerdote, C. (Creator), Wareham, N. J. (Creator), Langenberg, C. (Creator), Scott, R. A. (Creator), Luan, J. (Creator), Bobak, M. (Creator), Malyutina, S. (Creator), Kubinova, R. (Creator), Tamosiunas, A. (Creator), Pikhart, H. (Creator), Grarup, N. (Creator), Pedersen, O. (Creator), Hansen, T. (Creator), Linneberg, A. (Creator), Jess, T. (Creator), Cooper, J. (Creator), Humphries, S. E. (Creator), Brilliant, M. (Creator), Kitchner, T. (Creator), Hakonarson, H. (Creator), Carrell, D. S. (Creator), McCarty, C. A. (Creator), Lester, K. H. (Creator), Larson, E. B. (Creator), Crosslin, D. R. (Creator), De Andrade, M. (Contributor), Roden, D. M. (Creator), Denny, J. C. (Creator), Carty, C. (Creator), Hancock, S. (Creator), Attia, J. (Creator), Holliday, E. (Creator), Scott, R. (Creator), Schofield, P. (Creator), O'Donnell, M. (Contributor), Yusuf, S. (Creator), Chong, M. (Creator), Pare, G. (Creator), Van Der Harst, P. (Contributor), Said, M. A. (Creator), Eppinga, R. N. (Creator), Verweij, N. (Creator), Snieder, H. (Creator), Christen, T. (Creator), Mook-Kanamori, D. O. (Creator), Gustafsson, S. (Creator), Lind, L. (Creator), Ingelsson, E. (Creator), Pazoki, R. (Creator), Franco, O. (Creator), Hofman, A. (Creator), Uitterlinden, A. (Creator), Dehghan, A. (Creator), Teumer, A. (Creator), Baumeister, S. (Creator), Dörr, M. (Contributor), Lerch, M. M. (Creator), Völker, U. (Contributor), Völzke, H. (Contributor), Ward, J. (Creator), Pell, J. P. (Creator), Meade, T. (Creator), Christophersen, I. E. (Creator), Maitland-van der Zee, A. H. (Contributor), Baranova, E. V. (Creator), Young, R. (Creator), Ford, I. (Creator), Campbell, A. (Creator), Padmanabhan, S. (Creator), Bots, M. L. (Creator), Grobbee, D. E. (Creator), Froguel, P. (Creator), Thuillier, D. (Creator), Roussel, R. (Creator), Bonnefond, A. (Creator), Cariou, B. (Creator), Smart, M. (Creator), Bao, Y. (Creator), Kumari, M. (Creator), Mahajan, A. (Creator), Hopewell, J. C. (Creator), Seshadri, S. (Creator), Dale, C. (Creator), Costa, R. P. E. (Creator), Ridker, P. M. (Creator), Chasman, D. I. (Creator), Reiner, A. P. (Creator), Ritchie, M. D. (Creator), Lange, L. A. (Creator), Cornish, A. J. (Creator), Dobbins, S. E. (Creator), Hemminki, K. (Creator), Kinnersley, B. (Creator), Sanson, M. (Creator), Labreche, K. (Creator), Simon, M. (Creator), Bondy, M. (Creator), Law, P. (Creator), Speedy, H. (Creator), Allan, J. (Creator), Li, N. (Creator), Went, M. (Creator), Weinhold, N. (Creator), Morgan, G. (Creator), Sonneveld, P. (Creator), Nilsson, B. (Creator), Goldschmidt, H. (Creator), Sud, A. (Creator), Engert, A. (Creator), Hansson, M. (Creator), Hemingway, H. (Creator), Asselbergs, F. W. (Creator), Patel, R. S. (Creator), Keating, B. J. (Creator), Sattar, N. (Creator), Houlston, R. (Creator), Casas, J. P. (Creator), Hingorani, A. D. (Creator), Horta, B. (Creator), Bertram, L. (Creator), Kiechl, S. (Creator), Morris, R. (Creator), Ben-Shlomo, Y. (Creator), Kivimaki, M. (Creator), Wareham, N. (Creator), Hansen, T. (Creator), Linneberg, A. (Creator), Cooper, J. (Creator), Crosslin, D. (Creator), Pare, G. (Creator), Harst, P. (Creator), Ingelsson, E. (Creator), Franco, O. (Creator), Hofman, A. (Creator), Uitterlinden, A. (Creator), Dehghan, A. (Creator), Teumer, A. (Creator), Pell, J. (Creator), Young, R. (Creator), Sandosh, P. (Contributor), Grobbee, D. (Creator), Hopewell, J. (Creator), Seshadri, S. (Creator), Ridker, P. (Creator), Chasman, D. (Creator), Reiner, A. (Creator), Ritchie, M. (Creator), Hemminki, K. (Creator) & Sattar, N. (Creator), Figshare, 2019