A CRISPR-Cas cure for HIV/AIDS

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A sterilizing cure may require a combinatorial CRISPR-Cas attack against the proviral HIV DNA. We have selected CRISPR-RNA (crRNA) antivirals against highly conserved HIV-sequences to increase the breadth of the therapy and to prevent easy viral escape, but also without any obvious match with cellular genome sequences to avoid adverse effects. We tested the durability of HIV-inhibition capacity in stably transduced T-cells and demonstrated that Cas12 attack with a single CRISPR RNA (crRNA) can neutralize all infectious HIV in an infected T cell line in cell culture. More important, we demonstrated that a dual-crRNA therapy can prevent virus escape in long-term cultures. We confirmed the absence of any replication-competent virus in these apparently cured cultures.
Effective start/end date1/05/201924/09/2028