Agyemang C.O.: Ethnic Inequalities in Cardiovascular Diseases and Risk Factors

  • Agyemang, Charles (Principal investigator)
  • Beune, Erik (PostDoc)
  • Zafarmand, Hadi (PostDoc)
  • Boateng, Linda (Other)
  • Adjei, David (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Anujuo, Kenneth (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Bodewes, Adee (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Meeks, Karlijn (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Nyaaba, Gertrude (Internal PhD candidate)

Project Details


The main focus of my research is on ethnic differences in cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and risk factors.
Current projects:

1. The RODAM RODAM project ( This is an European Commission funded project under the Framework programme (FP-7). RODAM is a large multi-centre study and aims at assessing the role of, and the relative contribution of genetics and environmental factors to the high risk of diabetes and obesity among one homogenous African migrant group (Ghanaians) living in three European countries (The Netherlands, England and Germany) and their compatriots living in rural and urban Ghana.

2. Ethnicity and prognosis after initial hospital admission for cardiovascular disease - A follow-up study. This project is based on linkage of nationwide registers is being funded by the Netherlands Heart Foundation. This is a collaborative project between Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, Utrecht Medical Centre and Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam.
Effective start/end date1/07/2012 → …