Benninga M.A.: Functional Gastro-intestinal Disorders in Childhood

  • Benninga, Marc (Principal investigator)
  • Kindermann, Angelika (Staff)
  • Tabbers, Merit Monique (Staff)
  • Berkhout, Daniel (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Bosschaart, Thekla (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Koppen, Ilan (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Krom, Hilde (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Wessel, Sophie (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Singendonk, Maartje (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Steutel, Nina (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Vriesman, Mana (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Engelenburg-van Lonkhuyzen, Marieke (External PhD candidate)
  • de Meij, T. (External PhD candidate)

Project Details


Reflux disease: Using combined manometry-impedance assembly we showed that minute amounts of feed trigger transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations (TLESRs) in the right lateral position, but not in the left lateral position.These findings provide clear evidence for the presence of mechanisms for luminal sensing of gastric contents at the level of esophago-gastric junction which regulate the threshold for triggering of the TLESRs by gastric distension. Abdominal pain: We compared the effect of Hypnotherapy in the treatment of 53 children with long lasting complaints of functional abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome with that of standard medical therapy (SMT), consisting of education, dietary interventions and intervention on stress factors. Hypnotherapy was highly superior with a significantly greater reduction in pain scores compared to SMT (p
Effective start/end date1/01/2009 → …