Bus S.A.: Lower-extremity biomechanics and injury prevention

  • Bus, Sicco (Principal investigator)
  • Brehm, Merel (Staff)
  • van Bloemendaal, Maijke (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Mejaiti, Nora (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Ploeger, Hilde (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Scheper, Mark (Internal PhD candidate)
  • aan de Stegge, Wouter (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Zwaferink, Jennefer (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Hurst, Joanne (External PhD candidate)

Project Details


Prevention of foot injury in diabetes and sports and lower-extremity biomechanics in ortho-trauma and neuro-muscular disease
Effective start/end date31/03/2015 → …