Evidence-based co-creation methodology for bridging the implementation gap between knowledge and action in health promotion.

  • Chin A Paw, Mai (Principal investigator)
  • Altenburg, Taetske (CoPI)
  • Chastin, Sebastian (Principal investigator)
  • Cardon, Greet (CoPI)
  • Verloigne, Maïté (CoPI)
  • Deforche, Benedicte (CoPI)
  • Dall, Philippa M. (CoPI)
  • Sandlund, Marlene (Principal investigator)
  • Wadell, Karin (CoPI)
  • Giné-Garriga, Maria (Principal investigator)
  • Lippke, Sonia (Principal investigator)
  • Schreier, Margrit (Principal investigator)
  • Papadopoulos, Homer (Principal investigator)
  • Pappa, Dimitra (CoPI)
  • Messiha, Katrina (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Goh, Kunshan (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Rachdan, Sara (Internal PhD candidate)

Project Details


Training and development for a pan European cohort of researchers who will deliver a step change in the implementation of scientific evidence into practice to bridge the gap between knowledge and action in public health and health promotion.
AcronymHealth CASCADE
Effective start/end date1/01/202131/08/2025