Juffermans N.P.: Pathogenesis and treatment of organ failure in the critically ill

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This program focusses on the pathogenesis of organ failure and anemia occurring during critical illness.

Investigated pathways of organ failure include a dysregulated immune response which occur during excessive inflammation. Interventions are studied aimed at limiting organ injury induced by hyperinflammation or by mechanical ventilation. These interventions aim to reduce oxygen consumption during excessive inflammation.

Pathways of anemia during critical illness are studied. Efficacy of blood transfusion is studied, in particular optimizing transfusion triggers both for correction of anemia as well as for guiding therapy during bleeding. Also, risks of transfusion of blood products are studied, in particular the relation with the occurrence of organ failure. Studies seek to identify targets for interventions that aim to optimize transfusion.

The program uses a translational approach, combining observational and interventional studies in critically ill patients with fundamental studies in models of sepsis and acute lung injury.
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