Pajkrt D.: Pediatric viral infections, focus on hiv and picornavirus infection

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Dasja Pajkrt is a pediatric infectious disease specialist, who has been holding a clinical staff position at the Emma Children’s Hospital in Amsterdam, the Netherlands since 2004. Initially, her scientific interests were directed towards inflammatory responses in bacterial sepsis, resulting in a PhD degree under supervision of Prof. T. van der Poll and Prof. J.W. ten Cate in 1996. After obtaining het pediatric degree, she finalized her training in pediatric infectious disease. After obtaining her MBA degree in 2010, her clinical experiences within the pediatric population redirected her scientific focus towards her current clinical research lines on pediatric viral infections. The focus of her research group is mainly on the adverse effects of long-term complications of antiretroviral treated hiv infected children within the AMC as well as on a national level. The research group further initiated studies towards improving treatment adherence and evaluating prognostic factors for optimal treatment of hiv infected adolescents.
The next focus of her scientific research is based on the exploration of picornavirus infections in the pediatric population. These studies aim to increase our knowledge on how picornavirus infection elicit disease in children.
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