Rationalizing pharmacotherapy via performance feedback and computerized decision support in a national network of Intensive Care Units (SIMPLIFY Study)

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In the Intensive Care environment, where potentially interacting drugs are frequently co-prescribed, there is no consensus on the clinical relevance of these potential drug-drug interactions (pDDIs). In addition, we lack evidence on the effectiveness of computerized decision support systems (CDSS) on reducing pDDIs.

Therefore, the goal of the SIMPLIFY Study was to improve medication safety in Dutch ICUs by establishing pDDI frequency and clinical relevance in the ICU. To subsequently assess in a stepped-wedge trial the impact of customizing CDSS according to clinical relevance on reduction of pDDIs (main outcome). Furthermore, to investigate clinical manifestations of pDDIs and develop patient friendly information about ICU medication and pDDIs.

The SIMPLIFY Study was conducted together with 14 Dutch Intensive Care Units (ICUs), the National Intensive Care Evaluation Foundation, IteMedical, Z-Index, KNMP Geneesmiddelen Informatie Centrum, and IC Connect. For the purpose of this study a database was created containing real-world data on medication administrations of > 150.000 ICU admissions.
Short titleSIMPLIFY
Effective start/end date3/10/20161/11/2021