Schmand B.A.: Neuropsychological evaluation of neurological and psychiatric diseases

  • Boel, Judith (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Lammers, Nikki (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Schmand, Bernardus (Principal investigator)
  • Geurtsen, Gert (Staff)
  • Geurts, Hilde (Staff)
  • Huizenga, Hilde M. (Staff)
  • Murre, Jaap (Staff)
  • van de Ven, Renate (External PhD candidate)
  • de Vent, Nathalie (External PhD candidate)
  • Zandvliet, Joost (External PhD candidate)

Project Details


Improving the early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and Other dementias
Cognitive decline in Parkinson's Disease (part of CARPA-II study)
Obstructive sleep apnoe syndrome in stroke patients
Cognitive functioning in ALS and PSMA patients
Evaluation of intensive neuropsychological rehabilitation
Executive function training in autism
Advanced Neuropsychological Diagnostics Infrastructure (ANDI)
Effective start/end date1/01/2006 → …