Sterk P.J.: Pathophysiology and phenotyping of asthma and COPD

  • Berger, Marieke (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Brinkman, Paul (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Coumou, Hanneke (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Folisi, Caterina (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Gerritsen, Maria (Internal PhD candidate)
  • de Groot, Linsey (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Guo, Lihui (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Hashimoto, Simone (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Hekking, Pieter-Paul (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Loijmans, Rik (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Ravi, Abilash (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Rootmensen, Geert (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Rutjes, Niels (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Sabogal Pineros, Yanaika (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Smulders, Tamar (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Velzen, Patricia (Internal PhD candidate)
  • de Vries, Rianne (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Westerhof, Guus (Internal PhD candidate)
  • den Otter, Irene (External PhD candidate)
  • Ravensberg, Janneke (External PhD candidate)

Project Details


The research program focuses on the pathogenesis, phenotyping and early tailored interventions of inflammatory airway diseases, which includes asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The overarching aim is to introduce precision medicine to the clinic.

The research approach is an integrative one, linking the major clinical problems to individual pathophysiological determinants at the molecular, cellular and organ level. This requires connections between high-dimensional molecular profiling, modern pathology and biophysics in patients in vivo. This novel medical concept is called 'systems medicine'.

The main projects include:
- Phenotypic handprints in patients with severe, treatment-resistant asthma: a systems biology and systems medicine approach (EU IMI)
- Breatheomics: pattern recognition of exhaled molecular biomarkers in the diagnosis, monitoring and management of respiratory disease
- Prognostic value of electronic nose assessment in pulmonary infections, acute lung injury and lung cancer
- The role of airway smooth muscle and its environment in the dynamics of airway narrowing.
- Induced exacerbations of asthma and COPD by experimental rhinovirus infection or allergens
- Segmental challenge with particulate matter in humans in vivo
- Gene expression profiling in upper and lower airways in patients with asthma and/or rhinitis
- The early determinants of long-term asthma outcome: airway inflammation, airway remodelling, and persistent virus infections
- Confirmed wheezing and molecular fingerprinting during infancy in the prediction of childhood asthma
- Prediction and prospective assessment of asthma exacerbations in the primary care setting
- Prospective assessment and therapy of COPD exacerbations

Theme: Infection and Immunit

This research group participates in CINIMA and CIA
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