Stroes E.S.G.: Novel anti-atherogenic strategies targeting the vessel wall

  • Amraoui, Fouad (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Bakker, Guido (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van der Bel, Rene (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van den Boogert, Marjolein (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Bouter, Kristien (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Bruikman, Caroline (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Capelleveen, Julian (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Eeftinck Schattenkerk, Daan (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Emans, Teuntje (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Gilijamse, Pim (Internal PhD candidate)
  • de Groot, Pieter (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Hartgers, Merel (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Hartstra, Annick (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Hoogeveen, Renate (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Kootte, Ruud (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Lameijer, Marnix (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Reeskamp, Rens (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Sabry, Abdel (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Sandberg, Mara (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Sjouke, Barbara (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Smits, Loek (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Stiekema, Lotte (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Surendran, Preethi (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Udayappan, Shantha (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Verbeek, Rutger (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Verweij, Simone (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Zhang, Qinwei (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Zheng, Kang He (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Stroes, Erik (Principal investigator)
  • van den Born, Bert-Jan H. (Staff)
  • Dallinga - Thie, Geesje (Staff)
  • Hovingh, Gerard (Staff)
  • Kastelein, John (Staff)
  • Mulder, Willem (Staff)
  • Nederveen, Aart (Staff)
  • Nieuwdorp, Max (Staff)

Project Details


During the past decade the applicant has focused at the pathophysiology of atherogenesis, focusing at the role of the vessel wall as a potential new therapeutic target. In the quest to optimize therapeutic options for patients at increased cardiovascular diseases, several lines of research are being pursued:

- Imaging: Early treatment of atherosclerotic disease requires careful phenotyping of patients and early detection of atherosclerotic disease. In collaboration with Nederveen (Dept radiology), the applicant has focused at 3T-magnetic resonance of predominantly the carotid artery as a surrogate marker for atherogenesis/cardiovascular disease.
In collaboration with Prof Fayad (Mount Sinai, New York) the applicant has also focused at the vessel wall inflammation. Using translational protocols, the impact of inflammation throughout the course of atherogenesis is evaluated, using multi-modality imaging as well as innovative anti-inflammatory compounds.

Nanotechnology targeting the vessel wall: In collaboration with Willem Mulder (Mount Sinai, NY) and prof Storm (Utrecht) several nanoparticles are being evaluated preclinically as well as clinically to target inflammation within the atherosclerotic plaque. This research is part of a European framework (FP7), in which the Vascular medicine department is responsible for the clinical trials for novel nanotherapeutics. Theme: Cardiovascular Diseases

Reverse cholesterol transport: HDL-increasing strategies: LDL lowering reduces CV risk by 30%, most likely limited by the fact that statins stabilize the disease without the potential to induce reversibility of the lesions. HDL has been proposed to have the capacity to reverse lesions. The applicant is involved in the development and early clinical testing of a wide variety of HDL increasing compounds (CETP inhibitors, nicotinic acid derivatives, apoAI mimetics) to be used as therapeutic agents in patients at increased CV risk
Effective start/end date1/06/2008 → …