van den Brink W.: Addiction: pathogenesis, mechanisms of relapse and treatment effectiveness

  • van den Brink, Willem (Principal investigator)
  • Derks, Ester (Staff)
  • Lok, Anja (Staff)
  • Goudriaan, Anna (PostDoc)
  • Berends, Iris (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Drost, Louisa (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Gomes, Tara (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Nuijten, Mascha (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Nurhidayat, Adhi (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Oortmerssen, Katelijne (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Raposo Pereira, Filipa (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Rutten, Rudolf (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Schulte, Mieke (Internal PhD candidate)
  • de Waal, Marleen (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Berendsen, Heleen A. (External PhD candidate)
  • Boersma, Nienke (External PhD candidate)
  • Kronenberg, Linda (External PhD candidate)
  • Liebregts, Nienke (External PhD candidate)
  • Matthys, Frieda (External PhD candidate)
  • de Vries, Gerard (External PhD candidate)

Project Details


Investigating the genetic aspects of addiction and addiction treatment.

Conducting proof of principle studies with pharmacological compounds to treat substace use disorders and pathological gambling using neuroimaging (fMRI, SPECT) paradigms as proxy outcomes

Developing and testing of neuromodulation techniques (transcranial magnetic stimulation [TMS], deep barin stimulation [DBS]) for the treatment of patient with addictive behaviours in different stages of the disease.

Working on the stageing and profiling of substance use disorders in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of available treatments for patients with substance use disorders.

Exploring the conceptual and empirical overlap between substance use disorders and other compulse and impulsive brain disorders (e.g. pathological gambling, obesity, OCD).

Further development and evaluation of routine outcome monitoring as an instrument for quality improvement.
Effective start/end date1/07/2006 → …