van Dijk C.N.: Diagnosis and treatment of joint disorders

  • van Dijk, Cornelis (Principal investigator)
  • Blankevoort, Leendert (Staff)
  • Bramer, Jos (Staff)
  • Kerkhoffs, Gino (Staff)
  • Kloen, Peter (Staff)
  • Schaap, Gerard (Staff)
  • Schafroth, Matthias (Staff)
  • Struijs, Peter (Staff)
  • van den Bekerom, Michel (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Calder, James (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Eekeren, Inge (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Gerards, Rogier (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Hageman, Michiel (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Heeswijk, Elisabeth (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Heijink, Andras (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Helmerhorst, Gijs (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Janssen, Stein (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Kievit, Arthur (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Kok - Pigge, Aimee-Claire (Internal PhD candidate)
  • de Leeuw, Peter (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Lubberts, Bart (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Mallee, Wouter (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Mellema, Jos (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Muller, Bart (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Nosewicz, Tomek (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Nota, Sjoerd (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Oldenrijk, Jakob (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Ooij, Bas (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Opdam, Kim (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Pahlplatz, Thijs (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Raven, Eric (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Stunt, Jonah (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Weel, Hanneke (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Wulfften Palthe, Olivier (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Zengerink, Maartje (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Zwiers, Ruben (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Menendez, Mariano (External PhD candidate)
  • Raven, Eric E. J. (External PhD candidate)
  • Scholten, P. E. (External PhD candidate)

Project Details


The programme has three research lines, (1) development of diagnostic and surgical methods for treating joint disorders, (2) development of arthroscopic techniques and (3) evidence based medicine. With the founding of ACES, the Amsterdam Center of Evidence based Sports medicine, the horizon of the research lines Joint Disorders and Muscle and Tendon Injuries and Prevention is broadened. It expected to expand with inclusion of joint research efforts with external partners with focus on injury prevention, including risk factors, injury mechanisms and interventions.

Joint Disorders

The projects on osteochondral defects of the talus includes the development and evaluation of diagnostic modalities and of surgical interventions. A three-dimensional ultrasound technique is developed to visualize and localize the defects preoperatively and to monitor the healing of the defect postoperatively. After the initial stages of development, the use of water-jet cutting techniques for arthroscopic intervention will be xplored. The clinical effects of treatment by a focal implant, correction osteotomy, tissue grafts or biological stimuli are elucidated by clinical trials. Impingement syndromes of the ankle and foot, i.e. posterior ankle impingement and sinus tarsi syndrome, focusses on determining the anatomical (geometric) features for improving diagnostic techniques and as determinants for susceptibility to developing impingement complaints. Use is made of anatomic and biomechanical modeling.
The primary repair of the torn ACL will continue with the translation to clinic, where arthroscopic suture techniques need to be developed and tested prior to actual use in a clinical trial
The projects on total knee replacement includes the evaluation of new tools for surgical placement of the prosthesis components, resolving anterior knee pain as a postoperative complication and the the development of a technique for direct diagnosis of prosthesis loosening. New are the efforts to improve outcome in the younger patient that has to return to work and aims to continue sports activities. The aims are to develop tools for expectation management and the measurement of outcome and to develop strategies for early return to work or sports activities.

Muscle and Tendon injuries and Prevention

The current projects on Achilles tendon pathology and Hamstring injuries continue, where basic science and clinical trials are combined to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention, with special focus on sports. Apart from the evident overloading, hamstring injuries appear to be related to muscle tissue properties and anatomic configuration. The completed anatomical studies will be supplemented with data from patients to find prognostic factors. For this purpose use is made of advance MR imaging techniques. For diagnosis and follow-up, the potential of ultrasound measurements is evaluated
The Achilles tendon project will be further developed in the direction of sports-related overuse injuries. Related to his is the new project on the diagnosis and treatment of peroneus tendon injuries
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