A standardized protocol for quantification of saccadic eye movements: DEMoNS

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Objective Quantitative saccadic testing is a non-invasive method of evaluating the neural networks involved in the control of eye movements. The aim of this study is to provide a standardized and reproducible protocol for infrared oculography measurements of eye movements and analysis, which can be applied for various diseases in a multicenter setting. Methods Development of a protocol to Demonstrate Eye Movement Networks with Saccades (DEMoNS) using infrared oculography. Automated analysis methods were used to calculate parameters describing the characteristics of the saccadic eye movements. The two measurements of the subjects were compared with descriptive and reproducibility statistics. Results Infrared oculography measurements of all subjects were performed using the DEMoNS protocol and various saccadic parameters were calculated automatically from 28 subjects. Saccadic parameters such as: peak velocity, latency and saccade pair ratios showed excellent reproducibility (intra-class correlation coefficients > 0.9). Parameters describing performance of more complex tasks showed moderate to good reproducibility (intra-class correlation coefficients 0.63–0.78). Conclusions This study provides a standardized and transparent protocol for measuring and analyzing saccadic eye movements in a multicenter setting. The DEMoNS protocol details outcome measures for treatment trial which are of excellent reproducibility. The DEMoNS protocol can be applied to the study of saccadic eye movements in various neurodegenerative and motor diseases.
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Publication statusPublished - 2018

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