a structured and curated online spectrum of initiatives to foster research integrity

F Blom, Dorien van der Schot, Nadja MK den Haan, JK Tijdink

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The need to address research integrity issues and to foster responsible research practices (RRP) is evident. A lot of initiatives that attempt to foster research integrity have been developed, but these are often hard to find. The INSPIRE project (Inventory in the Netherlands of Stakeholders’ Practices and Initiatives on Research integrity to set an Example)1 aims to collect, classify and share ‘best practices’, with the purpose of inspiring and activating stakeholders to contribute to RRP. It is through the online platform of The Embassy of Good Science2 that we have the opportunity to disseminate research integrity within a broader scope.

A combination of strategies was used to conduct the inventory, including a call among our extensive network of colleagues working in the field of research integrity personal invitations to submit initiatives that we heard of, examination of existing inventories and a webcrawler with a view to add to our manual search.
A checklist to assess and classify initiatives was developed following a Delphi procedure. The checklist structures the online spectrum of initiatives and helps stakeholders to take all relevant aspects into account when developing, describing and implementing an initiative to foster RRP.

The INSPIRE project identified a variety of initiatives and adds those to The Embassy of Good Science. This broad spectrum of initiatives should be easy to search through for users who are looking for inspiration to implement an initiative in their institution too. So far, 40 initiatives – and counting – are included in the spectrum of initiatives on The Embassy. A selection of best practice initiatives will be presented.

An online platform functionality facilitates searching for potentially relevant initiatives to foster RRP based on the classification developed by the INSPIRE project.

2 www.embassy.science
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2021
EventDutch Epidemiological Conference - WEON2021: Science in an online society - Online
Duration: 3 Jun 20214 Jun 2021


ConferenceDutch Epidemiological Conference - WEON2021
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