Chronic PYY3-36 treatment promotes fat oxidation and ameliorates insulin resistance in C57BL6 mice

Anita M. Van Den Hoek, Annemieke C. Heijboer, Peter J. Voshol, Louis M. Havekes, Johannes A. Romijn, Eleonora P.M. Corssmit, Hanno Pijl

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PYY3-36 is a gut-derived hormone acting on hypothalamic nuclei to inhibit food intake. We recently showed that PYY3-36 acutely reinforces insulin action on glucose disposal in mice. We aimed to evaluate effects of PYY3-36 on energy metabolism and the impact of chronic PYY3-36 treatment on insulin sensitivity. Mice received a single injection of PYY3-36 or were injected once daily for 7 days, and energy metabolism was subsequently measured in a metabolic cage. Furthermore, the effects of chronic PYY3-36 administration (continuous and intermittent) on glucose turnover were determined during a hyperinsulinemic- euglycemic clamp. PYY3-36 inhibited cumulative food intake for 30 min of refeeding after an overnight fast (0.29 ± 0.04 vs. 0.56 ± 0.12 g, P ± 0.036) in an acute setting, but not after 7 days of daily dosing. Body weight, total energy expenditure, and physical activity were not affected by PYY3-36. However, it significantly decreased the respiratory quotient. Both continuous and intermittent PYY3-36 treatment significantly enhanced insulin-mediated whole body glucose disposal compared with vehicle treatment (81.2 ± 6.2 vs. 77.1 ± 5.2 vs. 63.4 ± 5.5 μmol·min-1·kg-1, respectively). In particular, PYY3-36 treatment increased glucose uptake in adipose tissue, whereas its impact on glucose disposal in muscle did not attain statistical significance. PYY3-36 treatment shifts the balance of fuel use in favor of fatty acids and enhances insulin sensitivity in mice, where it particularly promotes insulin-mediated glucose disposal. Notably, these metabolic effects of PYY3-36 remain unabated after chronic administration, in contrast to its anorexic effects.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)E238-E245
JournalAmerican Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2007


  • Brain
  • Diabetes
  • Gut hormone
  • Metabolism

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