Creatine kinase and renal sodium excretion in African and European men on a high sodium diet

Lizzy M. Brewster, Inge Oudman, Rani V. Nannan Panday, Inna Khoyska, Yentl C. Haan, Fares A. Karamat, Joseph F. Clark, Gert A. van Montfrans

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+-ATPase driven sodium retention throughout the kidney. Therefore, we assessed whether resting plasma CK is associated with sodium retention after a high sodium diet. Sixty healthy men (29 European and 31 African ancestry) with a mean age of 37.2 years (SE 1.2) were assigned to low sodium intake ( < 50 mmol/d) during 7 days, followed by 3 days of high sodium intake (> 200 mmol/d). Sodium excretion (mmol/24-h) after high sodium was 260.4 (28.3) in the high CK tertile versus 415.2 (26.3) mmol/24-h in the low CK tertile (P < .001), with a decrease in urinary sodium excretion of 98.4 mmol/24-h for each increase in log CK, adjusted for age and African ancestry. These preliminary results are in line with the energy buffering function of the CK system, but more direct assessments of kidney CK will be needed to further establish whether this enzyme enhances sodium sensitivity
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)334-341
JournalJournal of clinical hypertension (Greenwich, Conn.)
Issue number2
Early online date2018
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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