BJSM educational editorials: methods matter

Evert Verhagen, Steven D Stovitz, Mohammad Ali Mansournia, Rasmus Oestergaard Nielsen, Ian Shrier

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Advancing the quality of research in the field of sports medicine is a BJSM aim. Therefore, BJSM publishes papers with a methodological focus, helping readers to better understand and interpret study outcomes (eg,~refs~1{\textendash}3).~This has assisted our community translate study outcomes into practice. To further advance the field, the BJSM will publish a series of editorials addressing specific issues in research methodology that impact the conduct, presentation and interpretation of studies. Authorship is open, so please see this as a call for your submissions too. The state of the art in research methods is continuously evolving and methodological papers~advance the field of epidemiology and biostatistics. Just as our community adapts to advances in physiotherapy, imaging~and sports science, we must embrace statistical method advances to ensure that shared decisions with athletes are based on accurate information. If a publication claims that an intervention {…}
Original languageEnglish
Article numberbjsports-2017-097998
JournalBritish Journal of Sports Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 17 Aug 2017

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