Isoforms of cytochrome c oxidase in tissues and cell lines of the mouse

C. van den Bogert, H. L. Dekker, J. C. Cornelissen, A. B. van Kuilenburg, P. A. Bolhuis, A. O. Muijsers

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The subunit pattern of immunopurified cytochrome c oxidase from cultured mouse cells and mature tissues of the mouse was investigated by electrophoretic analysis. In mature tissues two forms of cytochrome c oxidase could clearly be identified on the basis of differences in morbidity or staining intensity of subunits VIa and VIII. One form was present in muscle and heart, and the other in liver, kidney and spleen. In lung both forms were found. In the thymus, subunit VIII showed the characteristics of subunit VIII found in muscle and heart, whereas subunit VIa resembled subunit VIa found in liver. This suggest the existence of a third cytochrome c oxidase isoform. The subunits of cytochrome c oxidase from cultured cell lines showed no differences between the various cell lines and resembled those of mature mouse liver tissue. The cytochrome c oxidase isoform from cultured proliferating cells might therefore be the same as the one found in liver. Alternatively, it might represent either a normally occurring fetal isoform, or a form specific for poorly differentiated cultured cells
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)118-122
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1992

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