Med känsla för data: Att screena för och forska om prostatacancer med omsorg

Translated title of the contribution: A Feeling for Data: Screening and Researching Prostate Cancer with Care

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This chapter is part of a 'popular science book' on the prostate. The research of it was funded by the Swedish Research Council. It is part of the Project "A Constant Torment. Discursive Contours of the Aging Prostate" (Principal Investigator: Ericka Johnson). It has been benefited from the rich conversations within P6 in general and the prostate group in particular. Particular thanks first and above all to Ericka Johnson, and to Maria Björkman, Elin Björk, Jelmer Brüggemann, Carina Danemalm Jägervall, Jenny Gleisner, Oscar Maldonado Castaneda, Alma Persson. For a version in English, please contact the author. ABSTRACT Have you been diagnosed with potentially having prostate cancer or any dear or close ones of you? Have you already undergone a biopsy? Or are you about to do one? Are you struggling with what makes sense in this uncertain situation and what you or your dear one should be doing? To screen or not to screen? Do you want to have a look at what is happening ‘at the other side’ – that is, during and after the direct contact with the various health care professionals in the prostate cancer screening trajectory? This chapter describes some impressions of screening for prostate care practices by paying attention to what is usually neglected and to what sometimes literally happens behind the screens. As a feminist scholar I cultivate this attentiveness to things that are neglected, because they allow me to keep open to look at and act in a given situation in a different way. In a similar vein, this chapter will hopefully be an invitation to keep open for surprising moments of care where you might least expect it; to dare together with those who engage with you in this process to speculatively connect to that what you care about most. And eventually, this might lead to an understanding that you maneuver through all these challenges never alone – if you want it or not – but always already together with others – people, technology, things, visible or invisible ones and that it matters how we relate to them.
Translated title of the contributionA Feeling for Data: Screening and Researching Prostate Cancer with Care
Original languageSwedish
Title of host publicationProstatan – det ständiga gisslet?
Subtitle of host publicationMannen och prostatan i kultur, medicin och historia
EditorsMaria Björkman
PublisherNordic Academic Press
ISBN (Print)9789188661630
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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