Plotseling overlijden na eenmalige orale toediening van haloperidol

Translated title of the contribution: Sudden death following a single administration of haloperidol

P. L. Remijnse, A. M. Eeckhout, C. Van Guldener

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A 39-year-old man was admitted with myasthenia, alcoholic hepatitis and electrolyte abnormalities due to an inadequate nutritional state. On admission the ECG showed a prolonged QTc interval (0.46 s). The patient was treated with intravenous fluid and supplementary vitamins and minerals. On the third day of admission the patient developed a delirium, partly due to alcohol withdrawal, and was therefore treated with oxazepam 50 mg 3 times daily and a single dose of haloperidol 5 mg. One hour after ingesting haloperidol, the patient suddenly succumbed and resuscitation was not successful. The autopsy revealed a cardiomyopathy but no explanation for the sudden death. Due to the temporal relationship between the ingestion of haloperidol and this sudden death, we assume that haloperidol induced a fatal arrhythmia in the presence of a preexisting prolonged repolarization time. To the best of our knowledge, sudden death after a single oral therapeutic dose of haloperidol has not previously been described.

Translated title of the contributionSudden death following a single administration of haloperidol
Original languageDutch
Pages (from-to)768-771
Number of pages4
JournalNederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde
Issue number16
Publication statusPublished - 20 Apr 2002

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