The diagnostic and prognostic value of copeptin in patients with acute ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Natasza Blek, Piotr Szwed, Paulina Putowska, Adrianna Nowicka, Wiktoria L. Drela, Aleksandra Gasecka, Jerzy R. Ladny, Yaroslaw Merza, Milosz J. Jaguszewski, Lukasz Szarpak

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Background: Stroke is the second main cause of mortality and the third leading cause of mortality and permanent disability combined. Many potential biomarkers have been described to contribute to the diagnosis, prognosis of outcomes, and risk stratification after stroke. Copeptin is an inactive peptide that is produced in an equimolar ratio to arginine vasopressin in response to the activation of the endogenous stress system. Methods: The present study is a systematic review and meta-analysis to assess plasma copeptin concentrations, diagnostic and prognostic values for risk stratification after acute ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack. Results: Mean copeptin level in stroke vs. non-stroke groups varied and amounted to 19.8 ± 17.4 vs. 9.7 ± 6.6 pmol/L, respectively (mean differences [MD]: 12.75; 95% confidence interval [CI]: 5.00 to 20.49; p < 0.001), in good vs. poor outcome 12.0 ± 3.6 vs. 29.4 ± 14.5 (MD: −8.13; 95% CI: −8.37 to −7.88; p < 0.001) and in survive vs. non-survive stroke patients: 13.4 ± 3.2 vs. 33.0 ± 12.3, respectively (MD: −13.43; 95% CI: −17.82 to −9.05; p < 0.001). Conclusions: The above systematic review and meta-analysis suggests that monitoring the copeptin levels may help predict the long-term prognosis of ischemic stroke efficiently. Determining the copeptin level may help individualize the management of ischemic stroke patients, keep stroke risk lower, reduce post-stroke complications, including patient death, and minimize healthcare costs.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)610-618
Number of pages9
JournalCardiology journal
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2022


  • C-terminal (pre)pro-vasopressin
  • acute ischemic stroke
  • copeptin
  • meta-analysis
  • prognostic biomarker
  • systematic review

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