The Effects of Different Doses of Dopamine and Domperidone on Increases of Plasma Norepinephrine Induced by Cold Pressor Test in Normal Man

Aloysius G. Lieverse, Joop D. Lefrandt, Andries J. Smit, Wepco D. Reitsma, Armand R.J. Girbes

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The effect of dopamine 1 and 3 μg/kg/min i.v., of dopamine 1 and 3 μg/kg/min i.v. combined with domperidone 30 mg per os and of placebo infusion on plasma norepinephrine concentration before and during sympathetic stimulation by a cold pressor test was investigated in 10 healthy volunteers (1 female, 9 males, mean age 28, range 19-41). Dopamine 1 μg/kg/min resulted in a blunting of the rise in plasma norepinephrine concentration during the cold pressor test, compared with placebo infusion. The addition of domperidone to dopamine 1 μg/kg/min abolished this effect. Plasma norepinephrine levels during dopamine 3 μg/kg/min infusion, both with and without domperidone, were not different from placebo, but significantly higher compared to dopamine 1 μg/kg/min infusion. Dopamine 1 and 3 μg/kg/min infusion, both with and without domperidone resulted in a blunted increase in blood pressure compared to placebo infusion. Dopamine 1 μg/kg/min infusion resulted in a lower systolic blood pressure during the cold pressor test compared to dopamine 3 μg/kg/min infusion. No significant changes in heart rate occurred during the cold pressor test comparing the different circumstances. We conclude that in healthy volunteers only dopamine 1 μg/kg/min, but not dopamine 3 μg/kg/min, blunts the increase in plasma norepinephrine concentration during a cold pressor test; this effect is abolished by pretreatment with domperidone. We presume that for dopamine 1 μg/kg/min the inhibitory effects of presynaptic DA-2 receptor or α-2 adrenoceptor stimulation on plasma norepinephrine concentration predominate. When dopamine 3 μg/kg/min is infused, the inhibitory effects might be counteracted by uptake-1 inhibition or enhanced synthesis and release of norepinephrine, either directly or indirectly. (Hypertens Res 1995; 18 Suppl. I: S221S224).

Original languageEnglish
JournalHypertension Research - Clinical and Experimental
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1995


  • catecholamines norepinephrine
  • domperidone
  • dopamine

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