Validation of two running tests as estimates of maximal aerobic power in children

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In order to validate the "Maximal Multistage 20 Meter Shuttle Run Test" by Leger and Lambert (1982) (20-MST) as an estimate of maximal aerobic power (VO2max) and to compare the results of this test with the results of a 6 min endurance run, 82 subjects (41 boys and 41 girls) aged 12-14 performed the 20-MST and the 6 min endurance run, and had their VO2max directly measured during maximal treadmill running. The 20-MST is a maximal running test starting at a running speed of 8.0 km X h-1, which is increased every minute and in which the pace is set by an audio signal. Performing the test, one runs a 20-meter course back and forth. The test result is expressed as "palier" (one palier is approximately one minute). The mean results of the 20-MST were, for boys, 8.0 palier (+/- 1.7) and for girls, 6.4 palier (+/- 1.5). The mean results of the 6 min endurance run were for boys, 1264.4 meters (+/- 160.8), and for girls, 1103.9 meters (+/- 144.7). The mean VO2max for boys was 53.2 ml X kg-1 X min-1 (+/- 5.4) and for girls, 44.1 (+/- 4.8) ml X kg-1 X min-1. The correlation coefficient between VO2max and the 20-MST was found to be 0.68 (+/- 3.9) for boys, 0.69 (+/- 3.4) for girls and 0.76 (+/- 4.4) for both sexes, and that of VO2max with the 6 min endurance run was 0.51 (+/- 4.6) for boys, 0.45 (+/- 4.3) for girls and 0.63 (+/- 5.3) for both sexes. The conclusion is that the 20-MST is a suitable tool for the evaluation of maximal aerobic power. Although the differences in validity between the 20-MST and the 6 minutes endurance run were statistically not significant (p greater than 0.05), for reasons of practicability the 20-MST should be preferred to the 6 minutes endurance run when used in physical education classes
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Pages (from-to)503-506
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JournalEuropean Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology
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Publication statusPublished - 1986


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