1024-channel electrophysiological recordings in macaque V1 and V4 during resting state

  • Xing Chen (Contributor)
  • Aitor Morales-Gregorio (Contributor)
  • Julia Sprenger (Contributor)
  • Alexander Kleinjohann (Contributor)
  • Shashwat Sridhar (Contributor)
  • Sacha Van Albada (Contributor)
  • Sonja Grün (Contributor)
  • Pieter Roelfsema (Contributor)



We provide electrophysiological recordings in Macaque V1 and V4 cortex with 16 Utah arrays in two subjects.,IsSupplementTo: Chen, X., Morales-Gregorio, A., Sprenger, J., Kleinjohann, A., Sridhar, S., van Albada, S. J., Grün, S., Roelfsema, P. R. (2021)....
Date made available1 Jan 2021
PublisherGerman Neuroinformatics Node

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