Example MP2RAGEME data set

  • P.L.E.A. Bazin (Owner)
  • Matthan Caan (Contributor)
  • J.P. Marques (Contributor)
  • Gilles de Hollander (Contributor)
  • Serge O Dumoulin (Contributor)
  • W. van der Zwaag (Contributor)



    This is a sample data set of high resolution brain images obtained with the MP2RAGEME sequence (Caan et al., HBM 2018). This sample is a slab of data covering only a central portion of the brain, centered on the subcortex, and acquired with an isotropic...
    Date made available5 Apr 2019
    PublisherUniversiteit van Amsterdam

    Keywords on Datasets

    • Quantitative MRI
    • 7T MRI
    • UHF-MRI

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