Nutrition of infants and young children (one to three years) and its effect on later health: A systematic review of current recommendations (EarlyNutrition project)

  • BartÅ‚omiej Mateusz Zalewski (Contributor)
  • Bernadeta Patro (Creator)
  • Margriet Veldhorst (Creator)
  • Stefanie Kouwenhoven (Creator)
  • Paula Crespo Escobar (Contributor)
  • Joaquim Calvo Lerma (Contributor)
  • Berthold Koletzko (Creator)
  • Hans van Goudoever (Contributor)
  • Hania Szajewska (Creator)
  • Paula Crespo Escobar (Creator)
  • Joaquim Calvo Lerma (Creator)
  • B. Koletzko (Creator)
  • Johannes Bernard Van Goudoever (Creator)



Background. EarlyNutrition ( is an international research project investigating the effects of early nutrition on metabolic programming. Objective. To summarize, by performing a systematic review, current standards, recomme...
Date made available2016
PublisherTaylor & Francis

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