Supplementary Material for: Diagnosis and Treatment of Sciatica in the Netherlands: A Survey among Neurologists and Anesthesiologists

  • Jan-Willem Kallewaard (Contributor)
  • Thomas Feenstra (Contributor)
  • Brigitte Brouwer (Contributor)
  • Caroliene Overweg (Contributor)
  • Bastiaan Ter Meulen (Contributor)
  • Henry Weinstein (Contributor)
  • Raymond Ostelo (Contributor)
  • Michel Terheggen (Contributor)
  • Hanneke Van Dongen (Contributor)



    Background: This study aimed to assess how Dutch neurologists and anesthesiologists diagnose and treat people with sciatica in secondary care and to evaluate their adherence to the newest guidelines. Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional survey. Respo...
    Date made available1 Jan 2021
    Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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