de Keizer N.F.: Evaluation of health care and health care information

  • Bakker, Tinka (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Beusekom, Ilse (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Burger, Gerard (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Gude, Wouter (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Lewis-Hoogendoorn, Margaretha (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Joukes, Erik (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Kabukye, John (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Margadant, Charlotte (Internal PhD candidate)
  • van Mens, Hugo (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Blom, Marie-José (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Verburg, Ilona (Internal PhD candidate)
  • de Keizer, Nicolette (Principal investigator)
  • Cornet, Ronald (Staff)
  • Brinkman, Sylvia (PostDoc)
  • Burger, Gerard (External PhD candidate)
  • Haniffa, Rashan (External PhD candidate)

Project Details


Within my research group 3 research lines can be distinguished:

1) Evaluation of quality of health care

2) Evaluation of health care information systems

3) Terminological systems

Ad 1) Most of my research is related to the Nationale Intensive Care Evaluation (NICE) registry. This registry contains case mix and outcome data of more than 80 Dutch ICUs. The goal of NICE is to assess and improve the quality of Dutch ICUs and to perform epidemiological research. Institutional comparison based on case-mix adjusted outcome plays an important role. All aspect that are important to continuously monitor quality of care by a national registry are part of this research line. Case-mix correction, prognostic models, benchmarking, quality indicators, feedback, quality of data are subjects of investigation.

Ad 2) This research line has an local, national and an international part. Within the AMC several evaluation projects of new information technologies have been running, e.g. evaluation of the (cost) effectiveness of Teledermatology, evaluation of decision support systems in the intensive care for tidal volume, glucose regulation and medication prescription. On a national level a decision support system for cardiac rehabilitation has been evaluated on adherence to a national guideline. As a follow up a multifaceted intervention including feedback and educational outreach visits next to the decision support is evaluated. As the chair of the International Medical Informatics Association working group on health technology assessment I am involved in the development of guidelines for planning, developing and reporting evaluation studies in health informatics. Furthermore, I supervise evaluation projects of EMRs implemented in Kenya.

Ad 3) More and more health institutions are implementing electronic patient records. Ultimately data recorded in the electronic patient record can be reused for research, management information, decision support, financial and quality assessment. This is only possible when data is recorded in a detailled but also structured and standardized way. To enable standardized data entry terminological systems are essential. This research line cooperates with the Dutch ICT Institute in health care (NICTIZ) and the International Health Terminology Standard Development Organisation (IHTSDO) to investigate how end users can easily work with a terminologicalsystem, to what extend detailled and standardized data recording can be mapped to existing classifications such as ICD10 and DBC to reused the data for multiple puposes such as calculation of quality indicators, financial reimbursement, research. In this line we participate in the NFU program "Eenmalige registratie bij de bron".
Effective start/end date1/01/2007 → …