Improving care for people with low back pain: A study of longitudinal outcome trajectories and adherence to guidelines.

  • Rubinstein, Sidney (Principal investigator)
  • Ostelo, Raymond (Staff)
  • Maas, Esther (Staff)
  • van der Vossen, Brenda (Internal PhD candidate)
  • de Zoete, A. (Staff)

    Project Details


    Low back pain (LBP) is a common, multi-faceted problem and a costly burden to society (theme 1). Within chiropractic care, little is known about the adherence of chiropractors to LBP guidelines (theme 2). This project entails a two-pronged approach.

    Theme 1:
    - Costs incurred by people with LBP will be explored, as well as predictors of high costs (1A).
    - Responders to spinal manipulative therapy will be explored, using Individual Participant Data, as well as the relationship between the responder status and participant characteristics (1B).
    - Trajectories of pain and function over time will be identified (1C).
    - The relationship between pain and function and other candidate variables (eg fear avoidance) will be explored (1D).

    Theme 2:
    - The effects of attitudes and beliefs of chiropractors on adherence to LBP guidelines will be identified (2).
    Effective start/end date2/10/202330/09/2027