Kremer L.C.M.: Evidence Based Pediatric Care

  • Knops, Rutger (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Kok, Judith (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Streefkerk, Nina (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Teepen, Jop (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Kremer, Leontine (Principal investigator)
  • Ronckers, Cecile (Staff)
  • van Dalen, Elvira (PostDoc)
  • van der Pal, H. J. H. (PostDoc)
  • Leclercq, Edith (Other)
  • Dreesens, Dunja (External PhD candidate)
  • Loeffen, Erik A. H. (External PhD candidate)
  • Reedijk, Ardine (External PhD candidate)

Project Details



Studies on

► Evaluation of care

* (Late) Outcome after childhood cancer
* Goal: to get insight in risk and (genetic)risk factors for (late) health outcomes and to develop optimal screeningstest and interventions.
* Team:
* Leontien Kremer (Chair EKZ group and Chair DCOG LATER; a nationwide collaboration on late effects after childhood cancer)
* Cecile Ronckers (Senior Investigator) Late effects of medical radiation exposure; 2 PhD students: Jop Teepen & Judith Kok
* Lieke Feijen (Postdoc) Late effects after childhood cancer: observational studies and cardiotoxicity after treatment for childhood cancer
* Renee Mulder (Postdoc) Health indicators of care after treatment for childhood cancer
* Elvira van Dalen: Cardiotoxicity after treatment for childhood cancer
* Hanneke van Santen UMCU (Pediatric endocrinologist) Endocrine effects after childhood cancer; 2 PhD Sarah Clement, Laura van Iersel
* Heleen van der Pal (physician, medical oncologist)
* Nina Streefkerk PhD
* Anna Font Gonzalez PhD
* Ardine Reedijk PhD
* Rutger Knops PhD

►Systematic reviews

* Cochrane Childhood Cancer
* Goal: development and implementation of Systematic Reviews on treatment, diagnosis and adverse effects in childhood cancer.
* Team: Leontien Kremer (Chair), Elvira van Dalen (Coordinating Editor), Petra Jellema (Managing Editor), Edith Leclercq (Trial Search Coordinator), Jos Noorman (Assistant Managing Editor)

►Guidelines and shared decsion making

* Goal: development and implementation of guidelines
* Guidelines for surveillance of childhood cancer survivors. International Guideline Harmonization Group ( Leontien Kremer, Melissa Hudson (Co-chairs)/ Renee Mulder (Coordinator)
* Guidelines in supportive care of childhood cancer. Wim Tissing, Marianne van de Wetering, Leontien Kremer (Co-chairs), Renee Mulder (Coordinator). Erik Loeffen PhD (Groningen)/ Anna Font Gonzalez PhD
* Guidelines in pediatrics. Leontien Kremer (Chair guideline committee NVK), PhD Dunja Dreessens (Maastricht)
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