van Ree R.: Molecular mechanisms of disease induction and symptom expression in IgE-mediated allergy

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The main areas of interets of the Allergy Reserach group are:

* Protein-chemistry and molecular biology of respiratory and food allergens: what makes an allergen an allergen?
* Innovative approaches for in vitro and in vivo diagnosis of IgE-mediated allergy: from allergen extracts to molecular diagnostics.
* Innovative biopharmaceutical approaches for allergen-specific immunotherapy: recombinant technology, novel adjuvants and administration routes.
* Immuno-epidemiology of respiratory and food allergies: the role of allergen exposure, environment, diet, infections and lifestyle in the development of allergy.
* Mouse models of allergy and asthma: how are sensitization and disease expression regulated?

Theme: Infection and Immunity / Public Health and Epidemiology

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