Performance with robotic surgery versus 3D- and 2D­laparoscopy during pancreatic and biliary anastomoses in a biotissue model: pooled analysis of two randomized trials

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Background: Robotic surgery may improve surgical performance during minimally invasive pancreatoduodenectomy as compared to 3D- and 2D-laparoscopy but comparative studies are lacking. This study assessed the impact of robotic surgery versus 3D- and 2D-laparoscopy on surgical performance and operative time using a standardized biotissue model for pancreatico- and hepatico-jejunostomy using pooled data from two randomized controlled crossover trials (RCTs). Methods: Pooled analysis of data from two RCTs with 60 participants (36 surgeons, 24 residents) from 11 countries (December 2017–July 2019) was conducted. Each included participant completed two pancreatico- and two hepatico-jejunostomies in biotissue using 3D-robotic surgery, 3D-laparoscopy, or 2D-laparoscopy. Primary outcomes were the objective structured assessment of technical skills (OSATS: 12–60) rating, scored by observers blinded for 3D/2D and the operative time required to complete both anastomoses. Sensitivity analysis excluded participants with excess experience compared to others. Results: A total of 220 anastomoses were completed (robotic 80, 3D-laparoscopy 70, 2D­laparoscopy 70). Participants in the robotic group had less surgical experience [median 1 (0–2) versus 6 years (4–12), p < 0.001], as compared to the laparoscopic group. Robotic surgery resulted in higher OSATS ratings (50, 43, 39 points, p =.021 and p <.001) and shorter operative time (56.5, 65.0, 81.5 min, p =.055 and p <.001), as compared to 3D- and 2D­laparoscopy, respectively, which remained in the sensitivity analysis. Conclusion: In a pooled analysis of two RCTs in a biotissue model, robotic surgery resulted in better surgical performance scores and shorter operative time for biotissue pancreatic and biliary anastomoses, as compared to 3D- and 2D-laparoscopy.

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JournalSurgical endoscopy
Early online date2021
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