Prediction of trapezius muscle activity and shoulder head neck and torso postures during computer use: results of a field study

J.L. Bruno-Garza, B.H.W. Eijckelhof, M.A. Huysmans, P.W. Johnson, J.H. van Dieen, P.J. Catalano, J.N. Katz, A.J. van der Beek, J.T. Dennerlein

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Conclusions: The variation in physical exposures across users performing the same task is large, especially in comparison to the variation across tasks. Thus, expanded model predictions of physical exposures during computer use should be used rather than task-based predictions to improve exposure assessment for future epidemiological studies. Clinically, this finding also indicates that computer users will have differences in their physical exposures even when performing the same tasks.
Original languageEnglish
Article number292
JournalBMC musculoskeletal disorders
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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