Temporal changes in left ventricular longitudinal strain in general population: Clinical correlates and impact on cardiac remodeling

Tatiana Kuznetsova, Ellen Nijs, Nicholas Cauwenberghs, Judita Knez, Lutgarde Thijs, Francois Haddad, Wen-Yi Yang, Peter L. Kerkhof, Jens-Uwe Voigt, Jan A. Staessen

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Background: Recent studies in patients and general population have reported the role of left ventricular (LV) longitudinal strain (LS) as an independent predictor of outcome. However, there are few data on changes in LS over time. We therefore investigated in a general population clinical correlates of temporal changes in LS. We also explored the potential correlation between temporal changes in LV volumes and LS. Methods and Results: We measured LV end-systolic (ESV) and end-diastolic (EDV) volumes by conventional echocardiography and LS by 2D speckle tracking in 627 participants (mean age 50.6 years, 51.4% women; 41.3% hypertensives) at baseline and after 4.7 years. For statistical analysis, we used the absolute values of LS. In stepwise regression, the magnitude of the decrease in all LV LS indexes over time was greater in men than in women (P < 0.0001). Higher baseline mean arterial pressure (MAP), a larger longitudinal increase in MAP, and stopping diuretic treatment during follow-up were related to larger decreases in LS indexes. In multivariable-adjusted analysis, we observed an inverse correlation between baseline ESV and LV LS (P ≤ 0.0017). Similarly, lower baseline LS and a larger decrease in LS over time were correlated with a lesser longitudinal decrease in ESV (P ≤ 0.0004). Conclusions: A significant decrease in LS over time was associated with male sex, higher baseline MAP, ∆MAP, and alteration in antihypertensive treatment. We suggested an interaction between a longitudinal decrease in LV deformation and adverse cardiac remodeling, while underscoring the importance of deformation analysis based on LS assessment in patients at risk.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)458-468
Number of pages11
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2019


  • cardiac remodeling
  • general population
  • left ventricular strain
  • longitudinal changes
  • systolic function

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