Thyroid Hormone Deiodinative Pathways in the Normal and Failing Heart

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The heart is a principal target of thyroid hormone (TH), and a reduction of cardiac TH signaling is thought to play a role in pathological ventricular remodeling and the development of heart failure. Studies in various rodent models of the development of left or right ventricular failure have identified increased activity of the TH-degrading type 3 deiodinase (D3) in the remodeling cardiomyocytes. The activity of D3 may cause, or at least contribute to, the diminished levels and action of TH in the failing heart. The available rodent studies are reviewed and discussed in this chapter, together with the current data on the mechanisms underlying the induction of D3 activity. The combined results of the wide range of studies make a strong case for a role of cardiac D3 activity in pathological ventricular remodeling, but additional studies are required to establish the relevance of this role for the development of heart failure.
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NameThyroid and Heart: A Comprehensive Translational Essay, Second Edition

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