Project Details


In 2021 the ‘Netwerk Palliatieve Zorg Amsterdam Diemen’ (NPZA) developed a training program for link-nurses palliative care in the Amsterdam region to support and empower link-nurses palliative care in their role, including training in knowledge, skills and leadership. The aim of the program is to help link-nurses palliative care in taking their role in daily practice. The program has several components and focuses on knowledge transfer about palliative care topics, on communication skills and on leadership skills (taking the role). Examples of components are a one day training on leadership and communication; a toolbox to support link-nurses to share knowledge with colleagues; and case discussions with palliative care specialists. The program, from the first till the last component, is spread out over one year. NPZA pilot-tested this program in Amsterdam UMC. Based on this pilot they adapted the program and in 2022 they will implement the program in different settings in Amsterdam (hospital, nursing home and home care).
The aims of this pre-promotion study is to evaluate the adapted training program on:
- Its effect on self-efficacy of link-nurses in taking their role as link-nurse palliative care.
- The experiences of link-nurses and team managers with the training program.
Effective start/end date1/09/202230/12/2023