Modelling and prediction of burn injuries: an interdisciplinary research approach

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Dutch Burns Foundation; Health-Holland

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Despite detailed data about cellular and molecular processes involved in burn wound healing is being generated, relatively little progress has been made in translating this knowledge to clinical practice (e.g. treating severe inflammation after burns). An interdisciplinary approach between different disciplines is indispensable in order to integrate information, data, techniques and perspectives to advance fundamental understanding and solve clinical problems regarding burns.
This project aims, via an interdisciplinary research approach, to develop a “clinical prediction model” (i.e. decision support system) for treating burn patients, by:
i)developing a simulation model for wound healing in burns based on existing preclinical data;
ii)validation of this simulation model with clinical data from burn patients.
Short titleComputational modelling of burn injuries
Effective start/end date15/06/202314/06/2027