Timely detection and early intervention on stress signals to promote organizational and individual resilience

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Stress is an important threat to an individual employee’s health as well as the health of the organization they work for. Notwithstanding increasing stress knowledge, employers and employees currently have little grip on stress, and often
intervene too late. Based on structured interviews with stakeholders, DESTRESS envisions a paradigm shift from stress as a fragmented, individual problem towards a collaborative preventive approach where employees, employers, and occupational healthcare providers are empowered to strengthen organizational and individual resilience in a deliberative, context-adaptive process (societal breakthrough). DESTRESS capitalizes on recent scientific developments to establish valid, actionable, and protected stress signals that reflect the dynamic interplay between individuals and organizations in naturalistic environments (scientific breakthrough).

Website: www.destress-project.nl
Effective start/end date1/03/2024 → …