Hollmann M.W.: Organprotection

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In the range of cardioprotection we established different experimental models to investigate cardioprotective effects of anesthetics. 1) an in vivo model to study Sevoflurane-induced cardioprotection in hyperglycaemic rats, 2) an in vitro model to determine the influence of different substrate conditions and preconditioning protocols on morphine-induced cardioprotection in the isolated rat heart and 3) Isolation of mitochondria from rat heart to identify the role of mitochondrial function in cardioprotection. Additionally, we evaluated the role of cardiac hexokinase in cell death. We examined how morphine affects cardiac hexokinase, and its relation to anesthesia, preconditioning, and genetic manipulation. Furthermore in collaboration with Rotterdam (EG Mik) we determined for the first time ever liver mitochondrial oxygen tension in vivo. Clinically, we studied how insulin therapy affects the neurohumoral stress response in cardiac surgery patients. With regard to anesthetics and intracellular signal transduction we were able to show that local anesthetics (LA) inhibit the activation of human NMDA receptors in a concentration dependent manner, independent of the charge of the LA
and by an intracellular mechanism most likely mediated via inhibition of proteinkinase C (PKC). This effect may contribute to reduced hyperalgesia and opiate tolerance observed after systemic administration of LA.
Theme: Immunity & Infection
Effective start/end date1/01/2007 → …